Real-Time Forecasting Of Coastal Change

Martins Beach is an iconic California coastal community and surf spot infamous for legal battles surrounding public beach access. Historic wave events and coastal erosion has motivated the construction of rock revetments further reducing recreational beach uses. As a result the location provides an interesting opportunity to study various community environmental adaptation responses.

Using modeled wave and erosion data from Integral Consulting , FEMA, and the USGS, real-time augmented reality will give a birds eye view to the impacts of storms surge and sea level rise. Visualizing projected conditions and the differences they have upon armored and unarmored areas will lead to new insights and opportunities for public safety.

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Integral Consulting
Tabletop marker based augmented reality for remote meetings and evaluation

Kinetic Learning Helps Conversation

Using the power of the Unreal 4 engine, a real-time living model is being constructed of Martins Beach. Users will have the ability to physically observe and interact with foretasted scenarios, dynamically visualizing response options and solutions.

The augmented reality experience will also be available for download to any location, allowing for remote and cooperative viewing. Stakeholders and consultants will engage the community over complicated choices such as engineered defenses and managed retreat, fostering solutions through cooperation.

Thundercloud AR ConceptMartins Beach 3D Model Coastal Impact

Terrain was imported from surveyed DXF files and used 3D modeling programs Maya and Clarisse to generate a master scene of 4 billion polygons. This file was then texture baked into a smaller scenes for use in Unreal Engine.

Photogrammetry did not exist for the man made structures so surveyed footprint data was used and artist modeled structures and vegetation were placed for accuracy.

UE4 Martins Beach 3D Model Coastal Impact
Martins Beach USGSUE4 Coastal Martins Beach 3D Model

Underwater bathymetric depth maps were used to develop accurate representations of current wave activity and beach interactions.

For future scenarios, models generated by Integral Consulting forecasting erosion and sea level rise were used to give a glimpse into potential hazards.

Martins Beach 3D Model Coastal Impact

New perspectives and remote opportunites.

Tabletop augmented reality simulations allow for shared kinetic experiences that prime difficult environmental discussions around shared knowledge. With the reality of COVID-19, this model has expanded into new opportunities of remote viewing centered around a single shared event. The potential for this approach is expanded dialog leading to more sustainable coastal access and recreation.

Continued development is ongoing and updates will be shared on this site and through Thundercloud social media.

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