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Thundercloud is a visual studio dedicated to solve complex problems through designed experiences.

Dynamic visual effects.

Real-time solutions.

We visualize the world.

Thundercloud Logo

Thundercloud helps organizations communicate complex data to their audience. We are redefining environmental communication by creating visceral experiences tailored for outreach and engagement. Through shared understanding we can motivate change and find new solutions.

Increase the value of conversation with experiences that define your story.


Environmental XR

We help people understand environmental issues by experiencing them. Through real-time visualizations we expand users perspective with kinetic understanding. This begins a tangible conversation which benefits stakeholders and the community.

AEC Visualization

Remote and interactive communication has never been more important. 360 videos and interactive XR experiences transport the world to you. We create visceral experiences that immerse users in your story, instantaneously adding invested value to any project.

Visual FX

With over 25 years of film, television, and cinematic production experience we scale to any project to create stunning visuals. Bringing visual expertise to your data is our goal. Enhancing audiences engagement is the result.

Data Visualization

A proper data visualization starts a conversation. Our product designers enhance your metrics and tailor them increasing comprehension and retention for any user. We are also experts on scientific accessibility and legibility, making sure each presentation gets the most out of any demographic.


Augmented Reality Coastal Visualization

"After years of generating and working with state-of-the-art environmental information, Thundercloud has brought a fresh way of working with and looking at our information that is unprecedented in the industry."

CRAIG JONES, Ph.D., Principal Integral Corp

About Founder Tobin Jones

"I had the pleasure of observing Tobin lead and participate in a few design projects, and have been impressed by his leadership ability, work ethic, and uncanny ability to create value by getting disparate groups of people on the same page."

ZAC HALBERT, Head of Product, Metromile Enterprise

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